The Elegantly Photographed Origami Animals of Ross Symons

origami unicorn, white horse
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It isn’t every day that one gets to meet a full-time origamist. Get acquainted with Ross Symons, a South African artist known for making his own paper creations and also beautifully folding single-sheet models of other designers, like Quentin Trollip and Jo Nakashima. Elephant Hide paper is something Symons loves to use; a sturdy material often used for book binding. He admits that one of the biggest challenges is finding the right type of paper for each model. “If I’m folding a bulky animal like a rhino, then I’d use something thicker, but for an insect, I’d use tissue paper so I can get very thin lines/folds for the legs and antennae.” Many of his paper sculptures are made for the fun of it, while others are commissioned pieces (including short films) for brands like Adidas, Red Bull, Christian Dior, and Old Khaki.

white rabbits , origami butterflies, origami springbok jumping in the air, origami
Springbok model by Quentin Trollip, origami by Symons.
swan and babies, origami
Swan designed by Sipho Mabona and ducklings by Hoàng Tiên Quyêt. Origami by Ross Symons.
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two kangaroos, origami
Kangaroos designed by Jo Nakashima; origami by Ross Symons.
making of, origami rhino, origami, paper art
Elephant designed by Quentin Trollip, origami by Symons.
pink elephant, paper art, origami, folding
Elephant designed by Quentin Trollip, origami by Symons.
goat, origami bull, behind-the-scenes, making of, paper art
All images and video © Ross Symons.

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September 30, 2015 Animals Art Origami Paper Art