Cool Lego Creations by Kosmas Santosa

the simpsons characters in lego

Having visited a toy museum not too long ago, I realize that the first Lego toys were actually made out of wood. And it makes sense as they were created in 1932 at a Danish carpentry workshop. Plastic became available in Denmark later in time, and since Lego’s purchase of a plastic injection molding machine in 1947, they really never looked back. These interlocking plastic bricks are more than mere toys, they’re a great way for kids and adults to express their creativity. Such is the case of Kosmas Santosa, an Indonesian graphic designer and Lego sculptor, who has built everything from badass robots to household items.

dinner party, lego

turkey dinner, food art, lego

candles lego art

chocolate cake with cherry top, lego

butcher's knife, lego

lego toaster

vintage radio in lego

living room set, lego

hair brush built in lego pieces

piano made in lego

vintage cassette recorder, built in lego

Images © Kosmas Santosa.