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Powerful Street Art from Fintan Magee

Close up of Fintan Magee migration street art in Perth

Fintan Magee’s impact on the global street art community is showing no signs of slowing, with the Australian artist recently completing stunning murals in countries as far afield as Mexico, Germany, New Zealand and Ukraine. Inspired by children’s picture books, Fintan draws on the colors found in the surrounding locations to create his evocative art. Each piece makes a statement about local social issues such as immigration, environment and climate change.

kid fishing for clouds, mural by fintan magee

Fintan Magee gymnast mural in Ukraine

woman suspended in air, swimming in clouds, painting on building wall

Fintan Magee housing bubble street art in Sydney

Fintan Magee fisherman street art in San Diego

Fintan Magee spearfishing street art in Mexico

Fintan Magee boating street art in Perth

Images © Fintan Magee 

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