Painted Ceramic Greyhounds by Evelyn Tannus

Painted greyhounds with sea life

Artist Evelyn Tannus reimagines the elegant greyhound dog breed with vibrant coats in her series of illustrative, painted ceramics. Depicted as both sitting and laying down, the canine figurines have colorful decorations that meander across their legs, backs, and onto their necks and heads. The varied imagery highlights her wide-ranging inspirations—from geometric patterns to tattoos to scientific diagrams—that are blended together like a rambling story.

Seated greyhounds with flowers on their backs

seated greyhound with religious imagery on its back

sitting greyhound with eye on its back

greyhound laying with roses across its back

seated greyhound, front and side views

greyound laying down with intricate black and white drawings

seated greyhound with geometric patters

seated greyhounds with "te quiero" on its back

Images © Evelyn Tannus