Emerging from a Cocoon: Photographs by Laura Zalenga

person in skin suit or bag, photography

“Don’t look at me. Just feel my soul,” says Laura Zalenga, a daydreamer and photographer from Germany who captures intimate and emotional portraits of herself, of models, and of strangers. Using her Nikon D600 she’s taken innumerable self-portraits from her shaved head days (loving every minute of life; feeling liberated and closer to nature), to a recent shoot in the nude in abandoned buildings. Her photography is a form of therapy, which helps to heal herself and others.

woman in coal field, photography girl laying over coal, all dirty black background with female model, photography
self-portrait artist sitting on forest ground, in nature big tree trunks and woman in skin color clothing rainbow on eye, portrait photography bald headed girl ,and green leaves rainbow face, photography
Images © Laura Zalenga.
Adriana de Barros

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October 14, 2015 Art Photography