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15 Remarkable Black-Ink Tattoos

butterfly heart tattoo by Otto d’Ambra

If you are looking for the barely there aesthetic, you’ll probably select a white ink tattoo as Morgan has suggested. But if you want something with contrast, there is nothing better than a tattoo in good old BLACK. Yes it is good and old as our long history confirms that the pigment was used in some of the earliest findings of tattooed human skin. It is a classic, so you can’t go wrong with this timeless non-color, but of course it needs a little help from a talented artist to get the right design inked on you. So I’ve selected a variety of tattooers with different art styles and printing techniques. Enjoy.

Top:  Instead of a plain heart, Otto d’Ambra has inked a unique butterfly heart.

abstract flower tattoo on arm by inne

Polish artist Inne Tattoo (Inez Janiak) is faithful to the sketch style.

circus tent and planetary system, by oliver whiting

Oliver Whiting’s classy soft-shaded tattoos which were hand poked and done by machine.

side tattoo, blank ink by chaim machlev, dotstolines

One of the modern day front runners of the black dot and line work: Chaim Machlev.

patterned chest tattoo by ien levin

It took 20 sessions for Ien Levin to complete this elaborate chest piece for client Dima.

penguin by kamil makot

A simple and beautiful penguin by Kamil Czapiga.

3d cubes by tomm birch

Tomm Birch uses the stippling technique to great effect here.

cutout animal tattoos on chest by Otto d’Ambra

The cool cut-up animals by Italian artist Otto d’Ambra.

pattern on arm, tattoo by ishi neve

Ishi Neve is known for his high-contrast designs.

back pattern, black ink by chaim machlev, dotstolines

Following the rule KISS, here is another gorgeous tattoo by Chaim Machlev.

geometric black sleeve by roxx 2spiritt

Roxx has taught well a few apprentices, but she still rocks the rotary machine like no one else.

black geometric shapes on arm

Stanislaw Wilczynski categorizes his work “Geometric Abstraction.”

line art, woman by ka ta

The deer-woman proudly lives on in Ka Ta’s killer artwork.

elaborate back tattoo by Glenn W Cuzen

Glenn W. Cuzen outdid himself with this epic back piece.
Images © respective artists and studios.