Scene 360’s Exclusive Pics at The Webbys

Scene 360: Adriana (editor-in-chief) and Jenny (contributing editor) at the Webby office

We are delighted to have already received three Webby nominations and one win for Best Art Website of 2015. Part of the team travelled to New York City to present the 5-word speech on May 18th at the Webby offices, and on May 19th to attend the The 19th Annual Webby Awards at Cipriani Wall Street. See some of the behind-the-scenes pictures of our journey below.

Top: Scene 360 members Adriana de Barros (editor-in-chief and designer) and Jenny Eng (contributing editor) at the Webby office in NYC.
scene 360 editors on the way to the webby office
The editors on their way to the Webby offices on May 18, 2015.
5 word speech, scene 360 at webby awards
Scene 360 signing in to make their 5-word speech.
star wars
It seems like someone at the Webbys like Star Wars memorabilia 🙂.
video game
Lead game developer of Two Dots, Kseniya Zito, chillin’ out on the red couch before making her 5-word speech.
lego man in webby office
Lego men and other cool toys decorate the office spaces.
Jarrod Moore (director of technology at Webbys) and Adriana de Barros (Scene 360) at the Webby office.
notegraphy, netnotes, behind the scenes Webbys
The Scene 360 editors get photographed with their inspiring quote: “To Not Give Up and To Always Pursue What You Love” (#napkinnotes).
jenny eng at entrance of ciprani (wall street ) for the 19th annual webby awards
San Francisco contributing editor Jenny Eng (Scene 360) at the Webby Awards/Cipriani Wall Street.
Scene 360 members: Beth Ferreira (sales rep), Adriana de Barros (editor-in-chief and designer), and Jenny Eng (contributing editor).
Scene 360 members: Beth Ferreira (sales rep), Adriana de Barros (editor-in-chief and designer), and Jenny Eng (contributing editor).
A peek inside the gorgeous Greek-inspired-architecture venue, Ciprani, before the start of the award ceremony.
surprise speech on screen by michelle obama at the webby awards
Certainly a surprise for all the winners to receive a special message from Michelle Obama during the award ceremony.
dinner table at the webby awards
Ciprani prepares an elegant dinner for all Webby winners.
jenny at the webby gala
(Left in blue) One of the marketing members of the American Museum of Natural History and (right) Jenny Eng.
One of the highlights of the night, Ice Bucket Challenge creator Pat Quinn receives a Special Achievement by Dave Grohl (the Foo Fighters).
(Left to right) Adriana de Barros, Amy Ganderson (director of digital marketing at The Nature Conservancy), and Jackie Young (marketing manager Africa Region of The Nature Conservancy).
screen at the webbys
Webby winners share their #napkinnotes throughout the night on the big screen.
All photos © Scene 360.

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