Justin Bower’s Deconstructed Human Portraiture

portrait painting by justin bower
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Justin Bower creates larger than life portraiture for a technological era. His paintings explore the implications of our fragmented experience beautifully. Each of his cyborgs emulate tragic and elegant emotions, reflecting on the “effect/trauma technology has on the individual that has infected the daily lives of contemporary man.” [1] He multiplies eyes and noses to disorient the viewer, but also hopes that it will “awaken them from a techno-slumber.” [2]

disected portrait by justin bower
Photo © The Leaux Project.
gallery shot of portrait painting by justin bower
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justin bower deconstructed human portrait green and black stripe background blue portrait painting by justin bower, Photo © Stix and Jones. gallery shot, three painting by justin bower, Photo © Stix and Jones.
Top: Gallery pictures © Stix and Jones.
1/2 Bower, Justin. "About." Retrieved on March 20, 2015.

All other images © Justin Bower.
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