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Robert Jahns’ Surreal Photo Edits

robert jahns surreal digital photo edit iphone photo skyscraper

Robert Jahns creates surreal photographs depicting people and animals in scenes that easily suspend our reality. Incredibly, he does all of the editing on his iPhone, using apps like VSCO Cam, ArtStudio, and Snapseed. The result is stunning scenarios where the subjects of the photographs live out some of our wildest fantasies and dreams.

robert jahns surreal edited photo hammock over city, rollercoaster going down a skyscraper

skateboarding down the skyscraper, by nois7

woman almost falling from skyscraper, woman with rainbow umbrella, photos by nois7

robert jahns surreal digital photo edit deer with tree antlers

birds flying over eiffel tower (paris) forming heart, and girl walking tightrope over city, photos by nois7

Artwork © Robert Jahns.