Natalia Rak’s New Graffiti Piece for Pow! Wow! Hawaii

predators, mural for powwow hawaii, by rak

An admirer of Fauvism, Natalia Rak also uses bold colors in her traditional paintings and murals. Sunset red, magenta and various tonalities of purple are blended soothingly, and her use of fluorescent spray paints create an illuminated effect in each composition. Her latest art piece, “Predators” (shown above), was beautifully painted on a wall for Pow! Wow! Hawaii.

tiger and woman graffiti by natalia rak natalia rak working on a mural
blue hair girl mural, graffiti by natalia rak closeup of blue hair girl and flower, by natalia rak girl and octopus,graffiti by natalia rak
All photos © Natalia Rak.
Adriana de Barros

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