Eccentric Makeup and Photography by Rankin

3 lips, photo by rankin
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Co-founder of Dazed & Confused magazine, Brit photographer Rankin has been taking pictures of every fashion celebrity known to man. His work has been awarded and praised to great extent and there isn’t much to add to his portfolio; he’s done BBC shoots in South Africa, commissioned by Bono for his R.E.D. brand, appeared in TV shows “Britain’s Missing Top Model” and “Jamie’s Dream School.” He’s kept busy, and clearly has worked with a number of people over time, like makeup artist Alex Box (see the fourth image) and Jason Hill a photo retoucher (view the last three images of post).

optical illusion body art, photo by rankin rankin-photography-05 circles and clown like colors, photo by rankin woman's face painted in pink, photo by rankin
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Tatoo book
neon skull art, photo by rankin


face painting on model, photo by rankin


moon shape cutout photo by rankin cutout photo by rankin
All photos © Rankin

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