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15 Cool Animal Tattoos by Various Artists

watercolor abstract elephant tattoo by jay freestyle

It isn’t common to see tattoos of armadillos, but it is common to see birds, cats, dogs, snakes, bears, foxes… and since we’ve all seen these creatures inked on human skin, it is necessary for tattooers to come up with unique compositions to make it appealing to the eye.

In continuation with the popular animal tattoo article published in 2014, I have selected 10 artists who keep looking for ways to revive traditional themes like tigers and swallows. Some use subtle shading, while others use bold quantities of ink. Each individual has added something beautiful and interesting to the 15 tattoos displayed here.

Top: Disintegrated elephant by Jay Freestyle.

Okami (great spirit/wolf) tattoo by Jay Freestyle.

Okami (great spirit/wolf) tattoo by Jay Freestyle.

patterned tattoo by david hale

A trendy patterned armadillo by David Hale.

psychedelic swallow tattoos by Marcin Aleksander Surowiec

Psychedelic swallows by Marcin Aleksander Surowiec.

hawk and tiger tattoos by jeff norton

Soft-shaded wild animals by Jeff Norton.

ox and fox tattoos by Mariusz Trubisz

A fiery-eyed bovine and red fox by Mariusz Trubisz.

cat, blackwork, tattoo by kamill czapiga

Kitty with roses by Kamil Czapiga.

deer and wolf, black ink tattoos by ka ta

Beautiful blackwork by Ka Ta.

two swallows, line art tattoo by Axel Ejsmont

Modern swallows by Alex Ejsmont.

birds flying and french bulldog tattoos by Madame Chän

Birds in flight and the Anaglyph 3D pup by Madame CHäN.

realistic tiger tattoo on arm by Niki Norberg

A gorgeous leopard by Niki Norberg.
Images © respective artists.