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meze headphones 66classics satin model
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Winner: Lennart Rothe.

We received some goodies in the mail from Meze, and it is always exciting to open their packages because everything is well-designed from product boxes to headphones and accessories.

Last year we had offered the 11 Classic and 11 Deco earbuds, and this time, we are giving away a light-weight Meze 66 Classics foldable headphones (retail value: $149). The ear-cups are made with ebony wood to give a warm sound and stylish look—they isolate outside noises quite well—and every drum beat resonates with a great kick so you’ll be motivated to dance quite a lot while listening to music. These fabulous pair of headphones can be plugged into an iPhone, iPod, MP3, MP4, CD, DVD, MD, PSP, and some devices with Android.

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woman listening to music, meze headphones Meze headphones 66 classics, photo from another angle
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All images courtesy of Meze.

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