Kanemaki Sculpts Human Figures from Logs of Wood

rotating head, female figure sculpture by Yoshitoshi Kanemaki
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While he is carving a man and skeleton out of wood, Yoshitoshi Kanemaki is analyzing and questioning mortality… he thinks to himself, “What is Life?” “What is Death?” Questions most of us have asked ourselves, yet Kanemaki doesn’t have a clear answer for them. His work is bold with fascinating compositions and it is remarkable how he laboriously makes each piece the traditional way. His newest sculpture shown above is titled “TAYUTA・Caplice,” carved and painted on camphor wood, and as you can see in some of the behind-the-scenes shots, it is a big piece.

skeleton and man, sculpture by Yoshitoshi Kanemaki wood sculpture detail of hands carving the block of wood wood sculpture in progress
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rotating head girl sculpture girl with two heads sculpture skeleton and boy sketch on paper man with skeleton body, memento mori girl with big head, repeated heads sculpture
All photos © Yoshitoshi Kanemaki

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January 21, 2015 Art Motion Sculpture Wood