3D Abstract Art Graffiti Spray Paint Street Art

DAIM’s 3D Graffiti Displayed On Street and Museum Walls

3d graffiti on building, art by daim

It is fascinating to see how graffiti art has evolved from the streets to now being displayed in museums. It has finally reached a level of acceptance from the fine art circuit. And it is about time!

Showcased here, are works by DAIM, a German graffiti artist with over 25 years of experience and known for his 3D style. He expertly creates light and shadows with spray paints—avoiding the traditional heavy outlines—making the shapes and letters pop out elegantly. From murals to digital prints, his art has been featured in books, galleries all over the world, and recently on display at Museum für Völkerkunde Hamburg and Zone Contemporaine.

grey and green graffiti

close up of 3d letters, graffiti

behind-the-scenes with daim

daim painting a wall

daim's art featured in book

graffiti on wall of museum

3d indoor mural by daim

digital art graffiti style

yellow 3d graffiti with DAIM posing in middle

daim selecting spray paints

Images © DAIM / Mirko Reisser /MRPro