The Smoke Photography of Jared Tyler

guy smoking, laying on wall

You don’t have to smoke cigarettes to be fascinated with the free-flowing effect of fumes coming out of someone’s mouth in artistic pictures, like these of Jared Tyler. Smoke has been a great prop for photography and cinema throughout many decades. A tool for cinematographers to set different moods in scenes. Think of the smoke machines used in horror movies, or Rita Hayworth in “Gilda” (1946) and Michael Fassbender in “Hunger” (2008). In music, you may remember Tricky’s “Blowback” (2001) and “Mixed Race” (2010), and Wiz Khalifa’s similar snapshot on “Blacc Hollywood” (2014).

smoking outdoors, sunset mexican skull painting, zombie boy look guy lying on ground (field) smoking
guy smoking, photo by jared tyler wintertime, guy with hoody smoking purple eye paint spill, guy with hat guy wearing cap and smoking, in bedroom smoke coming out of mout at toys r us parking lot
Photos © Jared Tyler
Adriana de Barros

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