Caricatures of Movie and Music Stars

jack nicholson in the shining
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Iggy Pop and Amy Winehouse are common choices for caricaturists. Iggy because of his aged face—a wrinkle worth a great rock and roll story. And Winehouse who always looked like she was high on something… But she deserves a break now (RIP), let her music live on.

The portraits shown here were digitally painted by Viktor Miller-Gausa who went on a drawing spree when a friend of his told him he wasn’t capable of doing a caricature. What? So for 31 days, he penned portraits of friends, celebrities and film characters. And he did it well.

caricature scarlett johansson matthew mcconaughey in dallas buyer's club, caricature caricature jim jarmusch
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caricature of kristen stewart clint eastwood iggy pop making a face, caricature stephen fry caricature amy whinehouse caricature
Photos © Viktor Miller-Gausa

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Adriana de Barros

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