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Skull Drawings by a Man Called E. G. The Freak

ouroboros, skull and eye by e.g. the freak

Mexican illustrator Erick Gonzaga is known as The Freak. “I’m a monster guy and drawing is the way I express myself. All these creatures and illustrations are a part of me and my twisted dreams.” [1] Using thin permanent markers he makes a unique rendition of the Ouroboros (above) and a delightfully sinister image of death and metamorphosis (below). The artist clearly has a thing for the dark side, as you can also see by his confirmed interests in the Grim Reaper and Darth Vader.

ink drawing with butterfly and eye of providence, metamorphosis by e.g. the freak

animal skull and human skull drawing by e.g. the freak

tiger drawing by e.g. the freak

human skull in black ink by e.g. the freak

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