Beautiful Photos of Mountaineers in the Alps

people wearing red on snowy mountain, Robert Bösch mammut

Swiss sports company Mammut tests the endurance of their clothing and equipment on climbers and skiers each year, and photographer Robert Bösch has captured amazing shots of those group trips up the Alps. There is conceptual planning in all of these photos, as no one would be bare foot in the snow if not for an advertising campaign; the Mammut testers happily align to create arrows, circles and the world map in the snow. It is a beautiful sight of color and contrast.

Included at bottom of post is a video of Mammut’s recent collaboration with Zermatt mountain guides to trace over the path of Hörnli ridge in a chain of lights, paying tribute to the first climb of the roped party with Edward Whymper. All of this is to celebrate the company’s 150th anniversary.

red clothed men on snowy mountain, Robert Bösch mammut mountain climbers wearing red in a circle, photo by Robert Bösch mammut
the world made of people on snow, Robert Bösch mammut mountain climbers on mountain peak , Robert Bösch mammut mountain climbers forming an arrow, Robert Bösch mammut mountain climbers aligned on a rock, Robert Bösch mammut
Photos © Mammut/Caters News

Via The Guardian
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October 13, 2014 Art Landscape Photography