Stunning Out of Water Pics of Portuguese Man-of-Wars

rorschach test style jellyfish by Aaron Ansarov

A recent feature on National Geographic shows us the extraordinary beauty of the Portuguese Man-of-War, pictures taken by Aaron Ansarov. It is a shame to see these colorful marine animals out of water, as they are so attractive and graceful in it. Often confused for jellyfishes, these “Zooids” as retired military photographer now photojournalist Ansarov correctly calls them, are responsible for many thousands of human stings every year in Australia. So although they are pretty, it is best to look at them at a safe distance.

stingray type jellyfish by Aaron Ansarov close-up of portuguese man o war by Aaron Ansarov blue portuguese man o war, photo by Aaron Ansarov
pink, white and purple portuguese man o war, photography by Aaron Ansarov aaron ansarov photo of a blue portuguese man of war brown alien-like portuguese man of war, jellyfish Aaron Ansarov photographing portuguese man of war
Photos © Aaron Ansarov

Via Feature Shoot and National Geographic
Adriana de Barros

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October 10, 2014 Animals Art Photography