Anamorphic Art Character Design Drawing

Tomoko Shintani’s New Drawings on Starbucks Cups

girl with acoustic guitar and peguins by tokomo-shintani

Tomoko Shintani’s drawings on paper and Starbucks cups were featured two years ago on Illusion and they circulated the Web quite a bit. She has continued to work on this series (known for the anamorphic details) which has fascinated over 40,000 fans on Instagram, the place where this all started in 2011. “One day, I just doodled on a notepad to kill time at Starbucks, and I continued to doodle on a cup because that was made with paper. After doodling, I took a picture of the notepad and the cup, posted the photo on Instagram, and my followers liked that very much. That’s how it began,” she comments. And so we know that a lot of people are familiar with her artwork, but what about Starbucks? “They picked my drawing last summer on their Facebook page.” You can view it here.

anamorphic drawing, girl with bear and balloons, by tokomo-shintani

child looking at shadow (ghost shadow) by tokomo-shintani

child with dog, drawing by tokomo-shintani

whale swimming with child, anamorphic art by tokomo-shintani

polar bear with child by tokomo-shintani

sheep with child, drawing by tokomo-shintani

side view of one of the drawings by tokomo-shintani

Images © and courtesy of Tomoko Shintani