Viviane Sassen’s Stylish Photos and Connection to Africa

turquoise pants and sleeve, illusion, photo by viviane sassen

Dutch fashion photographer Viviane Sassen remembers three years of her childhood living in Kenya, and at the age of five having to move back to Amsterdam. “For a year or so I felt like my real life was going on without me back in Africa and I was living this parallel life here. It was painful in a way, this feeling that I had left my home behind.” [1] Only at the age of 16, did she go back to Kenya and ever since has been traveling and working in Africa. Her beautiful high-contrast photos are a reflection of her connection and passion for the land and people.

fashion photo african woman,photo by viviane sassen child over man's head, clinging, photo by viviane sassen
two african men posing by viviane sassen beautiful woman cross effect by viviane sassen african woman in white blouse, photo by viviane sassen african woman posing against blue sky, photo by viviane sassen
1. O'Hagen, Sean. "Fashion Photographer Viviane Sassen: A Different Take." The Guardian. October 12, 2013.
Photos © Viviane Sassen

Via Sweet Station and MOMA
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