Foreign Tattooers Working in a Portuguese Studio

realistic skull by robert zyla, Piranha Tattoo Studios

Last February, Piranha Tattoo Studios won second place for “Best Color” at the 19th Milano Tattoo Convention. It is no wonder they did so well because they have a good group of artists in their shop like Robert Zyla, Sergey Gas… plus guest artist Pavel Krim. If you have something to cover-up or looking for a realistic skull, tiger or flower, make an appointment at this studio in Viseu, Portugal.

Top: 3D skull by Robert Zyla.
tiger tattoo by Piranha Tattoo Studios
Tiger by Robert Zyla.
woman tattoo by sergey gas, Piranha Tattoo Studios
Body disintegration by Sergey Gas.
bowler hat man tattoo by Piranha Tattoo Studios
The pipe man by Pavel Krim.
colored portrait tattoo by Piranha Tattoo Studios
Rainbow-colored portrait by Pavel Krim.
rose on arm, tattoo by Piranha Tattoo Studios
3D rose by Robert Zyla.
cover up tattoo, butterflies on leg by Piranha Tattoo Studios
Cover-up tattoo by Robert Zyla.
Images © respective artists and Piranha Tattoo Studios
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