Lipstick and Candy Crushes—Paintings by Lartigue

plump pink lips, painting by plump pink lips, painting by Hubert de Lartigue
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Maybe I’ve seen too many reruns of the 2013 MTV VMAs… Because the girl shown in the 3rd image below looks like Miley Cyrus. Bright red lips, pale face, piercing blue eyes. Or have I just glanced too many times at Christopher’s recent article about controversial photographers (which includes a famous snapshot of the pop star). This girl is not Miley but actually named Cassandra, someone Hubert de Lartigue has painted on canvas. This French artist (once a freelance illustrator working in the packaging sector) is known for his hyperrealistic portraits of pin-up models. His newest work includes close-ups of plump lips and whitened teeth biting into licorice and gummy candy.

red lips, eating gummy bear, painting by Hubert de Lartigue hyperreal painting by Hubert de Lartigue, woman with red lips
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big juicy lips (red lipstick) by Hubert de Lartigue mouth eating liquorice by Hubert de Lartigue painting drying off by Hubert de Lartigue mouth eating a cocacola jelly/gummy by Hubert de Lartigue artist Hubert de Lartigue in front of his painting
Artwork © Hubert de Lartigue
Via Artsy, Juxtapoz, and Bernarducci Meisel
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August 25, 2014 Art Hyperreal Painting