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Graffiti with an Energetic Flow

salmon and brown lettering graffiti by bacon

He started writing his graffiti name Bacon on walls in Toronto in the early 90s. Twenty years has past since then and his urban art has really evolved. His outlines are perfectly fluid, his color combinations and shading are beautiful, and there is dynamic movement in all of his works. A few murals (like the one shown below) even look like art from the Futurism period, a time when painters would focus on concepts of modernity, involving speed, technology, youth and violence.

yellow, white and green graffiti by bacon

pink and yellow graffiti by bacon

slanted graffiti by bacon

bubble style graffiti by bacon

magenta and purple graffiti by bacon

side view of bacon's graffiti art

modern art graffiti by bacon

a work in progress by bacon

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Images © Bacon

Via All City