The Visual Tricks of Ruben Chase

hand with a face, digital art by ruben chase
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Rubén Chase is a conceptual and fine art photographer from Vigo, Spain, and highly skilled when it comes to utilising the power of digital techniques in photography. There is no end to the surreal creations that he can cook up, from faces that appear fully formed out of hands to ships being born on a human breath. Just marvellous.

man with wings, wings made of hands. By ruben chase man with a human face mask, by ruben chase man resting on bed with smoke coming out of mouth, by ruben chase
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Rubén Chase surreal photography  two heads digital Rubén Chase surreal photography falling Rubén Chase surreal photography fire portrait Rubén Chase surreal photography breath ship Rubén Chase surreal photography
Images © Rubén Chase
Christopher Smail

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August 11, 2014 Art Photography Surreal