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10 Remakes of Grant Wood’s “American Gothic”

american gothic high by steve simpson

Grant Wood submitted his painting “American Gothic” to a competition at the Art Institute of Chicago, and the judges disregarded it as a “comic valentine.” But a museum patron convinced the Art Institute to keep the art piece, and today it remains there for the public to see. It is currently one of the most recognized images of 20th-century American art, not exactly depicting a romantic couple, but rather a farmer and his daughter. It is an iconic visual that has been extensively copied, parodied, and reinterpreted.

Top: “American Gothic High,” an illustration by Steve Simpson.

american gothic by bradley hart, bubble wrap

“American Gothic Interpreted” (paint injected in bubble wrap) by Bradley Hart.

american gothic house

“American Gothic Barn” located east of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Photo by Back Road Bound.

rubber stamp art by dave morice. American gothic remake

“Rubber Stamp American Gothic” (ink on paper) by Dave Morice.

Part of a series titled “Lego” by Marco Sodano. View more.

god bless america, couple with skyscrapers in background, by john seward johnson

“God Bless America,” a temporary public installation by John Seward Johnson II. Photo © Aimee Dar Ellis.

american gothic comics

“Foreclosing farms” by .

Submerged Gothic by Scott Brundage.

“Submerged Gothic,” a painting by Scott Brundage.

american gothic, photo with USA flag by gordon parks

“American Gothic” (gelatin silver print) by Gordon Parks. Photo © 2006 The Gordon Parks Foundation.

couple with gas mask, street art by Hygienic Dress League, american gothic remake

Graffiti art by Hygienic Dress League; the barn is located in Port Austin, Michigan. Photo © Street Art News.
Images © of respective artists