Classy Dotwork by Tattooer Brezinski

 Phantom Corsair 1938 dotwork, tattoo by brezinski
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Ilya Brezinski draws each subject matter meticulously and concisely on each piece of paper. Kind of like a German engraver taking his time to perfect his craft. Outlines and dot-by-dot fill form beautiful images like the 1938 prototype car, Phantom Corsair. His illustrations can be viewed at Behance and you can see how easily he’s adapted his work to tattoo form.

submarine with cat by brezinski rocket lift off tattoo by Ilya Brezinski cat dotwork, tattoo by Ilya Brezinski
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whale dotwork, tattoo by Ilya Brezinski sail boat and clouds dotwork, tattoo by Ilya Brezinski roc layers and spheres tattoo by Ilya Brezinski artist brezinski working on a tattoo
Photos © Ilya Brezinski

Via Behance

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