The Girl with Violet Eyes

portrait of girl with purple flowers, art by mek yambao
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Warning: Contains nudity.

During my online chat with Philippine artist Mek Yambao she mentioned exploring random ideas and stories in her art. Although this sounds rather spontaneous, she still bases her work on main interests like nature, eroticism, spirituality, and existence. “I’ve always been intrigued by altered states and the multiverse so I explore them through my creative process. It serves as a tool to discover thoughts and concepts occurring in the absence of thought and awareness.”

Her mixed-media art includes both oil painting and ink doodles on wood panels. “Aside from wood having a compatible acidity level with paints, I also find that it reinforces nature element in a piece.”

bird painting and doodles by mek yambao
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Tatoo book
asian girl sleeping, painting on wood by mek yambao mixed-media art by mek yambao bee painting by mek yambao blonde girl and blonde by mek yambao a back shot of artist mek yambao in her studio artist mek yambao in her studio, painting
Artwork © Mek Yambao
Adriana de Barros

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