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Ejsmont’s Minimalist Tattooing Style

arrow tattoo by axel ejsmont

There are so many foreign tattooers working in Berlin, it is like we all need to get tickets to go there! Axel Ejsmont is a Polish artist working in Germany—her tattoos look like she drew stuff in a sketchbook and then transferred it onto skin. From outlined hearts and skylines to a Victorian man lifting a dumbbell, Ejsmont’s illustrations are simple with a bit of coloring and shading.

heart tattoo by axel ejsmont

skyscraper tattoo, outline by axel ejsmont

1920 muscleman tattoo by axel ejsmont

doll by axel ejsmont

outline heart tattoo by axel ejsmont

three circle tattooed on leg by axel ejsmont

Photos © Axel Ejsmont

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