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12 Outstanding Tattoos by Chaim Machlev

lines in motion, tattoo on leg by by chaim machlev, 2014

His goal is to create tattoos that look organic and harmonious on the body. This Israeli born artist Chaim Machlev has been living in Berlin for many years and feels like he is part of this city. He is sought-after for his developed style of fluid line art and intricate geometric patterns that are partially inked with a stippling technique. All of his designs are impressively tattooed on his clients with great precision and skill.

asian bird with line art by by chaim machlev, 2014, xoil

The bird tattoo (at top) is a collaborative design by Chaim Machlev and Xoïl.

triangle line tattoo by chaim machlev, 2014

elaborate floral and geometric pattern tattoo by chaim machlev, blackwork

geometric pattern tattoo on arm by chaim machlev

tattoo on leg by chaim machlev, 2014

amazing tattoo on arm by by chaim machlev, 2014

mandala tattoo on side of rib by chaim machlev

motion lines tattooed on legs by chaim machlev

intricate pattern tattoo sleeve by chaim machlev, 2014

circle patterned tattoo and mandala by chaim machlev

Photos © Chaim Machlev