The See-through Cabin in the Desert

side view of mirror house in desert by philip k smith

American artist Phillip K. Smith III has made use of a 70 year old shack for an art installation he calls “Lucid Stead.” Placing mirrors on the outside walls and LED lighting on the inside—it is a magical spectacle during the day when the Joshua Tree landscape reflects on the surfaces, and at night the cabin colorfully lights up like a Mondrian painting.

Also included in post is Smith’s latest work titled “Reflection Field,” which was displayed at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2014.

front view of lucid stead shack, mirrored, by phillip k smith
Top: Photo © Steven King. Courtesy of Royal Project: Contemporary Art.
corner or cabin, by phillip k smith
Photo © Lance Gerber.
mirror light house, colors, by philip k smith
Photo © Lou Mora.
side view of lucid stead, with colored windows by phillip k smith
Photo © Lou Mora.
lucid steady, light house by phillip k smith
Photos © Lance Gerber.
Top: A video about “Lucid Stead.” Below: “Reflection Field.” Photos by/© Lance Gerber.
coachella mirror blocks by  philip k smith panoramic view coachella by philip k smith colored light boxes coachella by philip k smith palm trees reflected on mirror blocks by philip k smith colored blocks in darkness by phillip k smith light painting circles and orange blocks. art installation by phillip k smith colored blocks in coachella by phillip k smith
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