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15 Popular Hand Tattoos

salvador dali by silvano fiato

You have probably seen the Ganesha tattoo circulating the web, indeed a popular one. There are many cool hand tattoos out there and it is easy to get enthused by what you see. But if you are deciding to get one, you should read some articles about this subject and evaluate the pros and cons of tattooing on such a visible part of the body. For example tattoos in this area may take longer to heal, and will often lose ink which will result in getting touch ups in the long run.

A crazy-eyed portrait of Dali by Silvano Fiato.

mandala tattoo on hand by oleksa

Black-and-grey mandala by Oleksa.

romantic couple (man and woman) hand tattoo by Daniel Gensch

Romance and blood, a tattoo by Daniel Gensch.

praying hands (durer) tattoo by Chris garver

Praying Hands” (Durer) by Chris Garver.

heart and sail ship tattoos on hands by phil hatchet-yau

Fill in the blanks: Have ____ and ____ Away, tattoos by Phil Hatchet-Yau.

3d Face tattoo by Benjamin Laukis

3D Face by Benjamin Laukis.

hawk and rabbit hand tattoos by Daniel Gensch

Fable tattoos by Daniel Gensch.

tattoo by mitch allenden

Victorian man by Mitch Allenden.

clown fish tattoo on hand by Josh payne

Clown fishes by Josh Payne.


Butterfly by Karl Blom, and Love tattoo by Virginia Elwood.

skulls and three eyes tattoo by niki norberg

“Eye of the Beholder” by Niki Norberg.

vampire bat tattoo by paul acker, hand tattoo

Vampire bat by Paul Acker

words pray tattooed on two hands

Pray by Unknown artist.
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