Bright Cartoony Graffiti

rabbit diamond with purple triangle by vidam, graffiti, mural
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I admire the unusual wall paintings and illustrations by The Weird crew (e.g. DXTR and Nychos), so it would make sense to feature another member, this time Vidam from Berlin. His visuals are like 80s cartoons entered a time warp to an advanced planet, and the residents are Rabbit-humanoids that look like they are wearing Zentai suits. It seems like a lot to process, but each mural presents a different adventure and details that require close attention, such as the image above is related with transformation and below there is a hidden key in the chest of the female rabbit.

rabbit lying down on 3d triangles
Tatoo book
Tatoo book
rabbit and tiger graffit by vidam
Top: A collaborative painting by Vidam and DXTR.
plants and purple rabbiti graffiti by vidam
Photo © Street Art Berlin.
cartoon characters painted on wall by vidam blue abstract circle and triangle illustration by vidam
Photos © Vidam
Adriana de Barros

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