AKACORLEONE’s Perspective Illusions

Find yourself in chaos by akacorleone, front view, various object forming words
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For those of you who weren’t in Lisbon last month, you missed AKACORLEONE’s solo show “Find Yourself in Chaos” displayed at the Underdogs gallery. From colorful art layered on acrylic sheets to a very cool anamorphic installation in ghost green and black, his work is about the frenetic urban lifestyle with so much going on at once and too much information to process. You can view his perspective illusion here with a caged skull and broken piñata, as well as a past anamorphic creation titled “Useless,” which relates to consumerism and the unnecessary accumulation of products.

skull in birdcage Find yourself in chaos by akacorleone painted green and black plastic objects woman statue in green, Find yourself in chaos by akacorleone
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Tatoo book
pinata, with candy on ground, Find yourself in chaos by akacorleone Find yourself in chaos by akacorleone 05102011_uselessanim hamburger painted in pink and other items, for useless by akacorleone
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Via Underdogs
Adriana de Barros

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