10 Cool Tattoos of 2014 by European Artists

Apocalyptic clash tattoo, black trees and purple moon, tattoo by Marcin Aleksander Surowiec

It isn’t a surprise that some of the best tattooers in the world come from Europe, it just seems to be a continuation of the exceptional art schools and talent that has been flourishing for centuries there. And that’s why it is hard to ignore the artistry of modern tattooers such as Pietro Sedda (Italy), Kamil Czapiga (Poland), Victor Chil (Spain), Roxx (living in the United States, but grew up in England and other parts of Europe).

Top: A tattoo titled “Apocalyptic Clash” by Marcin Aleksander Surowiec (Poland). The artist is currently living in Italy.
chest tattoo, two women with wings plus heart by kid kros
A beautiful chest piece by Kid-Kros (Croatia).
Roxx from 2spirit, wolf tattoo on arm with line art
The “Wolf Chaos” sleeve by Roxx from 2Spirit Tattoo. (England, currently living in San Francisco).
sculptures, zig zage floor and rain, tattoo sleeve by niki norberg
Icarus,” a hyperrealist tattoo by Niki Norberg (Sweden).
photorealist tattoo of batman on arm by denis sivak
A photo-realist portrait of Batman by Denis Sivak (Ukraine).
skulls and ships blackwork tattoo by pietro sedda
Pirate ship inked on a client’s anterior forearm by Pietro Sedda (Italy).
cute owl tattoos on feet by kamill czapiga
Cute owls by Kamil Czapiga (Poland).
medusa tattoo (purple and green) on thigh by victor chill
Medusa illustrated on a thigh by Victor Chil (Spain).
Wolf tattoo with branches by Ka Ta
An unusual wolf tattoo by Ka Ta (Germany).
woman with butterfly head tattoo by paul vander johnson
This artistic portrait by Paul Vander-Johnson (from England) won “Best of Show” at the Tattoo Tea Party.
Images © respective artists
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