The New Face of Portraits

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Popping up around the globe are portraits without human features. Replacing the face, we see cosmic landscapes, geometric design, pop culture motifs, to name a few. This organic/inorganic hybrid art trend is an example of Object-Oriented Ontology. This emerging philosophy explains how a person can identify with something digital, inanimate, inhuman. Objects and abstractions become a visual vocabulary to express a person’s identity. These tattoo artists abandon realism to achieve, in a way, a much more accurate portrait.

Top: Marilyn/Superman artwork by Sandra Chevrier, tattooed by Eszter Karady.
Victorian architecture portrait by Nick Broslavskiy.
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Tatoo book
Polygonal portrait by Pietro Sedda.
Polygonal portraits by Pietro Sedda.
Lovers at dusk by Marcin Aleksander Surowiec.
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Morgan is a New York-based curator of contemporary tattoo art. She is Founder and Editor of the digital gallery, works as a freelance tattoo writer and an agent for modern artists. Follow the author @ Instagram , Twitter, Facebook and view more articles.

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