Blackwork by Guy Le Tattooer

scared geometry tattoo by Guy Le Tatooer
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Guy Le Tatooer is a second generation tattooist who has been living in Toulouse for 30 years. He prefers inking in black because it ages better on the skin. From line pattern tattoos based on traditional Indian art (Mehndi) to other themes and compositions, his work has symbolism and a strong spiritual connection. Inspired by everything that is related to cultural, Le Tatooer likes to travel to see new people and places. “I intend to close my shop in Toulouse, and I will take two years to a drive around the world to learn new techniques.” 1

geometric tattoo on arm by Guy Le Tatooer blackwork tattoo on back by Guy Le Tatooer indian tattoo pattern by Guy Le Tatooer
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tattoo on feet byt Guy Le Tatooer Guy Le Tatooer working on a back piece
1. "Interview 23: Guy Le Tatooer." July 22nd, 2013.

Images © Guy Le Tatooer

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