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Q&A with Picture Illusionist Kevin Corrado

Transfer Blue by Kevin Corrado

American artist Kevin Corrado dips his hand in blue paint and places it in front of a sea backdrop to create an interesting visual effect.

This simple yet clever image is part of a new series titled “Transfer,” which includes a green version with a forest and a white one with clouds. Corrado’s passion for nature is apparent in these pictures, and others of generic locations that are unclear which area of the world they were photographed in.

During my interview with Corrado, I was curious to find out what inspired him to make this series, and where he actually took the pictures?

Top: “Transfer Blue.”

Transfer Green by Kevin Corrado

“Transfer Green.”

How did you come up with the idea for “Transfer”?

The series formed from a blend of inspiration I’ve picked up over the year. I noticed a couple other artists beginning to experiment with color matching involving a little bit of perspective, but only really for fun. No one had really placed meaning behind those types of images. I asked myself how can I take this inspiration, make a unique composition, and strengthen the concept beyond color matching.

I had several people tell me they felt the splash on “Transfer Blue” should have been left out. I told them that without the splash, I simply would have been dipping my hand in blue paint to match the color of the ocean. Although, with the splash included it gives the illusion that I dipped my hand into the ocean and when I pulled it out it was covered in blue paint. This was the effect I was trying to obtain.

Transfer White by Kevin Corrado

“Transfer White.”

Where did you take these pictures?

Each picture was photographed in Connecticut. Due to my lack of ability to travel at the moment, I feel the series has reached its limitations. Hopefully one day after I graduate, I will be able to photograph some of the different iconic landscapes the U.S. has to offer, and expand upon the series.

Lines by Kevin Corradp

“Lines.” The artist paints yellow stripes on a door and sets it on the road.

Are the “Transfer” images digitally edited?

The images are pieced together. I would have loved to photograph it completely with forced perspective, but since I used myself as the model, it proved to be nearly impossible. The last image, “Transfer White” is half painting and half photograph. I wanted to continue the series, but did not have access to an “above the clouds” photograph of my standards. So I painted the landscape instead. In a particular light, I feel it strengthens the concept.

Lost by kevin corrado, frames and guy cut in half


Many of your pictures display a strong connection with nature. What links you to these outdoor places and what are the benefits of photographing there?

Ever since I was young, I always had a love for drawing. Although, I’ve also always been athletic and enjoyed the outdoors. Somewhere along the lines I accidentally found photography. Ever since, its been the link between physical activity and art. I guess I just enjoy expelling energy outdoors and hiking to find new cool landscapes. Also, the less man made characteristics in my art, the less chance anyone can figure out where it was taken. It’s more fun for a viewer to connect with a general idea of a location, such as nature, rather than a specific location somewhere.


“God and the Individual Man.”

Surrealism is a part of your past work. What artists have inspired you?

Robert and Shana ParkHarrison, Richard Hess, and my friend Ben Zank are my biggest inspirations. I actually really enjoy surrealist photography, but not so much surrealist paintings. I find there something playful and ironic about the combination of surreal, being the unreal, and photography, literally capturing reality.

Images © Kevin Corrado