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Photographers to Look out for in 2014

josh olins james franco

2013 is coming to an end. And with that comes the dawn of a new year and new artists to look out for. All fields of photography from landscape to architecture will have their own stars—people who will define the coming year with exciting exhibitions and projects.

In the photographers selected here, you’ll find everything from colourful fashion imagery to documentary realism. May these individuals inspire you to pick up a camera and take your own pictures.

Top: Actor James Franco shot by Josh Olins.

andrea gjestvang

andrea gjestvang norway

Photos from “One Day in History” by Andrea Gjestvang.

Andrea Gjestvang

Andrea Gjestvang is a Norwegian photographer based between Oslo and Berlin. She rose to international acclaim this year with her extraordinary photo-essay “One Day in History,” which documents in a series of subtle portraits the teenage survivors from the Utøya massacre in Norway in 2011. This series won the 32 year old photographer the “L’Iris d’Or prize at the Sony World Photography Awards.” And rightfully so. Her snapshots of the survivors are spellbinding and minimalist as we see scarred young bodies framed against the eternity of nature: trees, the sky and frozen lakes. Gjestvang is a master chronicler of the people of Northern Europe. Her unfussy approach has created some extraordinary photo projects in Greenland and Northern Norway.

alex prager photographer

alex prager photographer

The Technicolor dreamscapes of Alex Prager.

Alex Prager

This LA native has a characteristic cinematic style which has seen her rise through the ranks of world photography. Her series of film stills which depict old school Hollywood heroines (including actress Bryce Dallas Howard) in classic movie-style poses get everything right, from the 50s costumes of the extras to the camera angles. A new exhibition of Prager‘s work has recently gone on show at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington D.C, titled “Face in the Crowd.” It will been on show through to 2014. These Technicolor dreamscapes may remind one of the work of Iconoclastic photo artist Cindy Sherman and her theatrical self-portraits, but they are all Prager, from the unique constructed sets and the sheer number of extras involved.

james franco josh olins

james franco josh olins

James Franco photographed by Josh Olins for Dazed and Confused.

Josh Olins

London snapper Josh Olins is an in demand name in the world of fashion and advertising. His vibrant fashion shots have graced the likes of Vogue Russia, Another Magazine and LOVE and he has shot advertising campaigns for Topshop and L’Oreal. When you come across his fashion photos there’s something different about them, a quality that sets them apart. Take his recent spread in Dazed & Confused, photographing actor and polymath artist James Franco as a fallen clown complete with smeared make up. The images are hypnotic, they draw you in and don’t let you go! That’s why he’s such an important photographer. Visual flair and strong compositions.

sim chi yin photography

sim chi yin photography

Beautiful compositions in the work of Sim Chi Yin.

Sim Chi Yin

Chinese documentary and reportage photographer Sim Chi Yin was selected as one Photo District News’s Top 30 Emerging Photographers to watch this year. She has quite an eye which you can see in her varied projects, ranging from documenting new hope in the cities of Burma to her fascinating expose of China’s “Rat Tribes:” twenty something hopefuls who flock to Beijing in droves and are met with sky high property prices, forcing them to move into basement room under the city. Sparsely framed in their underground homes, these shots of migrant workers are visually exciting but more importantly they have a political and humanitarian message for the world.

All photography © respective photographers, galleries and magazines.

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