Art Best of 2014 Drawing Hyperreal Pencil Art Sketchbooks

A Clown and Eyeballs

girl clown drawing by dino tomic

Using Derwent watercolor pencils, Dino Tomic draws realistic portraits and anatomy studies filling almost completely each piece of paper. And although Tomic is being featured for his drawings, he is actually a tattooist and airbrush artist working in his own studio in Norway. He is definitely not a man of just one art medium, so it also make sense that his influences be a mix of creative individuals like Nick Baxter, Guy Aitchison, H. R. Giger, M. C. Escher and Leonardo da Vinci.

black and white eye drawing by dino tomic

old man with blue eyes, drawing by dino tomic

old man's eye, blue, drawing by dino tomic

old lady with white hair, drawing by dino tomic

Artwork © Dino Tomic