Art Collage Photo Retouching

Digital Collages with Vintage Flair

hole in earth, with working men by joseba elorza

I am an admirer of hand-cut collages, however, nowadays this technique is less used by artists as many prefer to crop images via Photoshop. An example is Joseba Elorza who does a great job at digitally composing pictures to give an old-school collage appearance. You can see the making of one of his photomontages at the bottom of the page.

vintage men looking at astronaut by joseba elorza

light in sky, collage by joseba elorza

laundry day, explosion and woman by joseba elorza

silhouette of man with framed portrait behind by joseba elorza

man with ladder by joseba elorza

Images © Joseba Elorza

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