Incredible 3-D Resin Paintings

octopus painting by keng lye
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When you first gaze upon the work of Singapore artist Keng Lye, your eyes are lulled into a false sense of the normal: live goldfish swimming in unison underwater, or a turtle lapping by a pool catch are not what they first appear. If you look a little harder, you will find that they are in fact detailed artworks created with resin and acrylic paint. This is an extremely elaborate process and we should be grateful for Lye’s patience. Imagine how much duller the world would be without these images.

keng lye 3d painting fish keng lye painting turtle
Tatoo book
Tatoo book
keng lye resin painting keng lye goldfish painting keng lye 3d painting resin keng lye goldfish painting
Artwork © Kye Lye.

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