All in One Piece

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Tattoo art extending across several people unites them in a remarkable way. Two friends bound by design may stand stronger than before. Two lovers joined at the hip, or in eternal embrace, are pledging permanent vows. It’s a risk, a vulnerable choice, especially true with romantic tattoos. That’s why these designs still function alone, beautiful with or without a partner. It’s a permanent union with a practical back-up plan, a physical metaphor for love itself.

Top: Abstract blackwork by Chaim Machlev.
Minimalist body art by MUSA (Lukas Musil).
Minimalist sketch pieces by MUSA.
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Tatoo book
Modern flower on sleeves by Fabien Batista.
Modern flowers by Fabien Batista from Belly Button.
A floral and geometric design by Maïka Houde.
Sacred geometry by Maïka Houde.
Apparently The Beatles said it right: "All You Need Is Love." Tattoo by Little Swastika.
Quadruple back tattoos by Little Swastika (Artist pictured left).
Photos © respective artists

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Morgan is a New York-based curator of contemporary tattoo art. She is Founder and Editor of the digital gallery, works as a freelance tattoo writer and an agent for modern artists. Follow the author @ Instagram , Twitter, Facebook and view more articles.

November 12, 2013 Art Body Art Tattoo