Tattoos: Connecting to the Celestial Sphere

Bird tattoo with rainbow colors by cody eich

Tattooist Cody Eich has a consistent illustration style that is a playful spin on nature themes. In many of his designs, he includes constellations, possibly a representation of how everything is connected in our universe. He expertly inks gradient colors and thick black outlines on the skin, which the latter is a typical characteristic in old-school Americana tattoos, but can also hint influences from graphic novels.

If you are interested in keeping up-to-date with his artistic creations, please check out his Instagram page. And if you would like to get a tattoo by Eich, he can be found at Studio 13 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, US.

red hand with red roses tattoo by cody eich
circle patterns and color tattoo by cody eich Splatter paint tattoo by cody eich hand and bird tattoos by cody eich
Photos © Cody Eich

Via Cody Eich's Tumblr Page
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