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Night time, brige light reflection by Gyun Woo

It is always fascinating to see amazing reflection photos of cities and rural areas. Especially, when it is real pictures without any photomontage. The top image is the 12th bridge that crosses the Han River in South Korea, and below you can view beautiful auroras in the United States and Iceland.

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Top: Gyun Woo’s snapshot of the Seongsan bridge in South Korea.

#aurora borealis Iceland Hafnafjörður south green house reflection

The aurora borealis in Hafnafjorour, Iceland. Picture by Gunnlaugur Valsson.

Mont-Saint Michel at dusk in France,

Photo by JibStudios taken at Mont-Saint Michel in Normandy, France.

Singapore most busy district by Andy Sim

Singapore city night view by Andy Sim.

Purple Haze by Brian Aldelberg

“After numerous attempts of trying to capture the aurora borealis this year in Oregon. It finally came together this night.” [1] A photo by Brian Alderberg.
1. "Purple Haze." Flickr. Retrieved on November 2nd, 2013.

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