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Most of us are drawn to live near an ocean, a lake, or a river. Not everyone can reside close by, but they can visit on vacation. I used to live an hour away from Lake Ontario (Canada), and now a minute away from the Atlantic Ocean in Portugal. To me, water is a magnetic force, and it sometimes can become a perfect mirror that reflects the beauty around us. This post includes a selection of relevant photographs taken in South Korea, Germany, Italy, United States, and Canada.

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Top: Tony Lee takes this spectacular photograph at a high-end location in South Korea.
Dresden Skyline II
“Dresden at Dusk” by Manuel Irritier. A picture captured in the northern side of the river Elbe, Dresden, Germany.
Lake Irene's Milky Way Mirror
“Far on the west side of Rocky Mountain National Park, Lake Irene turned out to be the highlight of my Night Photography Workshop (on 8/3/2013). With super dark skies, our view of the Milky Way Skies above was nothing less than spectacular and all the students could feel the excitement,” [1] states photographer Mike Berenson.
A picture taken in the evening at Misurina Lake in Italy. By Dmitriy Vorobe.
 Last Light Mt Rundle
Nitin Kansal captures the perfect sunset at Vermilion Lakes in Alberta, Canada.
1. "Lake Irene's Milky Way Mirror." 500px. Retrieved on August 21st, 2013.

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