Iron Man Comes to Life

Tony Starks drawing by A-D-I--N-U-G-R-O-H-O

Indonesian artist Adinugroho uses Faber-Castel color pencils to draw portraits of celebrities and movie characters. The illustrator is so confident about his drawing skills, that he often crops a real photo (of a face) and puts it beside his art piece to show how realistic it looks. You can view an example at bottom of post (ref.: David Beckham).

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Red haired girl drawing by A-D-I--N-U-G-R-O-H-O
Drawings by A-D-I--N-U-G-R-O-H-O Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) drawing by A-D-I--N-U-G-R-O-H-O Lady Gaga and Pink drawings by A-D-I--N-U-G-R-O-H-O Drawing of David Beckham by adunugroho
Artwork and photos © A-D-I--N-U-G-R-O-H-O

Via Drawing Pencil
Adriana de Barros

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