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Leaf Art: Imaginative Tales

Leaf art: What a wonderful childhood, kids playing with kite by Tang Chiew Ling

Yesterday, I received an art submission titled “What a Wonderful Childhood” (shown above) by Malaysian graphic designer Tang Chiew Ling. I liked his work so much, that I have included more images from this series. He collects different types of leaves and adapts them into scenes—i.e. visual stories. Ling briefly explains the process: “For one piece, I took about 2-3 days to finish it—including thinking of an idea, picking out leaves, drawing, and then taking a photograph.” If you like his work, you may also enjoy “Deer in the Forest (Leaf Cutouts).”

Leaf art: girl blowing bubbles by Tang Chiew Ling

Throw flowers banksy, leaf art by Tang Chiew Ling

Leaf art: cloud raining on couple by Tang Chiew Ling

Leaf art: kite surfing by Tang Chiew Ling

Dad and girl with balloons by Tang Chiew Ling

Photos © Tang Chiew Ling