WIP: Realistic Portraits

Black man with red cloth on head, painting by Ruben Belloso Adorna
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Ruben Belloso Adorna’s large-scale pastel drawings are yet another great addition to Illusion’s hyperrealist page. All of the images (except one) are works in progress, and it interesting to see the rough sketched portions in contrast with the meticulously shaded parts.

Painting of girl crying by Ruben Belloso Adorna
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Tatoo book
Eyes, realistic painting by Ruben Belloso Adorna Tattooed Man with Moustache by Ruben Belloso Adorna Ruben Belloso Adorna painting
Artwork © Ruben Belloso Adorna

Via Drawing Pencil
Adriana de Barros

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July 19, 2013 Art Drawing Hyperreal